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A Campervan fit for a Kingsman!

It’s not often that the world of Cambridge Campervans brushes with the world of celebrity; however on a Saturday afternoon this summer it did just that.

I had, in fact, closed for the day and just arrived back at home when I took a call from a couple who were super keen to come and view a van. My business head told me to jump back in the van and return to the showroom, my 8 year old son was telling to jump in the goal in the garden and take some penalties…

…I compromised and took my son and the football back to the showroom!

This was a decision which neither of us regretted as a familiar face greeted us when we arrived; it was none other than Taron Egerton, star of Kingsman and one of our all time fave, feel good movies, ‘Eddie the Eagle’.

Along with his girlfriend, their excitement over their imminent purchase of a Campervan was tangible and both my son and I enjoyed a great hour or so with them placing their order. They were such a down to earth couple that I soon forgot their celebrity status and became immersed in my Campervan bubble, doing what (I like to think) I do best.

Handover day was a great moment for Cambridge Campervans and we hope that Taron and Emily are delighted with their new aquisition… I think they look pretty chuffed, don’t you?!

Taron - 1.jpg