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We now stock a range of VANGO driveaway awnings and accessories - click on our VANGO awnings page to see the full range -


Fiamma F45S Awning

'Innovative and compact awnings with Italian Design'

These awnings are the perfect accessory for your camper van. Ideal for enjoying a drink under on a balmy evening yet also perfect for added protection when the heavens open!

£630 in Black (SWB)

£690 in Black (LWB)


VW T5/6

Bike carrier specially designed for Volkswagen T5 & T6 with double rear door. Easy installation with the standard delivered brackets, without drilling the vehicle.

£335 Silver

£415 Black


VW T5/T6 Webasto Digital Diesel Heater

The latest in heating technology. This Webasto heater is both efficient and also fabulously quiet. A 'must have' to keep warm this winter. This is thermostatically controlled and has a 7 day preset facility so you can set times that you want the heater to come on, this works when the ignition is off or on.

£1125 (supplied and fitted)


Bentley Stitch Upholstery

Stunning 'Bentley Stitch' upholstery. This has proven to be a real favourite this summer with many of you choosing to add a further touch of class to your Campervans with our 'Bentley Stitch' upholstery.

I'm sure you'll agree it looks fantastic. We loved it so much at Cambridge Campervans we have used it in our 'Hire Camper'.

For further pictures see 'Seating & Upholstery'

To re upholster £870 (Rock and Roll bed) / £1,100 (RIB Bed)

IMG_82211.jpg T5/T6/T6.1 External Screens

These screens are designed to go on the outside of the windscreen and front passenger and driver windows, providing blackout cover and privacy, they are easy to fit and being on the outside reduce any condensation from internal screens



T5/T6 Silver Screens

These screens provide both total blackout and insulation. They are easily stored and mean the cab is free from curtains whilst you are driving.

The set contains:

  • Windscreen cover
  • Left & right cab side windows
  • Suckers & pull-rings
  • Polybag for storage



Reimo Awning Rail

This is a multi-purpose awning rail which attaches to the side of your van. The decision is then yours, choose to attach either a canopy or a driveaway awning to the rail. The rail also acts as a gutter so that rain water easily drains away.

£259 (fitted)

£289 LWB (fitted)


Elevating Roof Rack

This adjustable roof rack system will fit neatly onto your elevating / pop top roof. Whilst the usage of the bars is totally at the owners discretion we recommend that they are not loaded with more than 25-30kg (this is for the protection of your roof mechanism).



PKG-2100P Roof Mount Entertainment System

With its own DVD player built in, the PKG-2100P gives you a 10.2" ultra high resolution Overhead Monitor with wireless headphones.

An ideal way to entertain the children on long journeys and also perfect for 'cosy nights in' whilst away.

£599 (fitted)


Porta Potti Thetford 335

The Porta Potti 335 with the Hold Down Kit is a super compact portable toilet.


heater - 1.jpg

Eberspächer Diesel Heater

Eberspacher Airtronic 801 is a compact and economical heater. The D2 offers optimized fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards

£1125 (supplied and fitted)

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.01.10.png

120w 12v Flexi MPPT Solar Battery Charger Vehicle Kit

£399 supplied and fitted


VW T6 Volkswagen Bike Rack

Bike rack for T6 Tailgate for up to 4 bikes including enhanced struts

£625 supplied and fitted (Chrome)

£850 supplied and fitted (Black)


MiRider One

Designed with a focus on providing reassuring performance ride after ride, the MiRiDER One was carefully crafted to be the ultimate compact 16 inch folding electric bike.

Visit our sister site to find out more! https://supremeadventure.co.uk...


TotalCool TC3000

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the revolutionary TOTALCOOL 3000 provides the very latest in high quality evaporative cooling technology, using the latest technology and ergonomic designs, working on 12v, 24v and AC mains power.

Visit our sister site to find out more! https://supremeadventure.co.uk...



The Totalpower 500 possesses the very latest in lightweight portable lithium power-inverter technology. You'll find the highest quality components and ergonomic design with features such as 1 x 12-volt socket, 4 x USB sockets, 1 x micro USB, 2 x inverter AC mains power sockets, wireless charging, fast charge, solar charging, an ultra-bright torch and a smart use digital LCD display.

Visit our sister site to find out more! https://supremeadventure.co.uk...


TotalCool, TOTALSOLAR 100

Portable, customisable and foldable 100W solar panel designed for outdoor use. This model can be used to power and charge many devices including the TOTALPOWER 144 and 500 models.

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