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Busfest…. Back by Popular Demand!

As I closed the door on a well stocked fridge, double checked the waterproofs (some of you will remember the previous debacle!) and settled both dog and child in the back, I felt stirrings of excitement in the pit of my belly. It was finally here, the long anticipated ‘BusFest’ weekend and this year it was no work and ALL play. This year we were going to kick back and relax and I couldn’t wait.

Having listened to our endless Busfest tales, this year our friends had decided to check it out for themselves. We were an eclectic mix of adults, children and dogs; campervan enthusiasts, novices and one reluctant encumbrance! Always one to love a challenge, I was confident by the end of the weekend she would be loving Campervans as much as we do.

Our ‘convoy’ of vans snaked their way down the M5, stopping for the obligatory MacDonalds on the way, and before long the backs of Malvern’s ‘sleeping dinosaurs’ were coming into view. This stunning view is, without a doubt, good for the soul.

One of the great things about the camping at Busfest is that there are no, hard and fast, rules about where you need to park. Instead of the uniform lines of vans, so often par for the course at sites these days, we arranged ourselves in a horseshoe with awnings pointing inwards and a fire pit at our epicentre.

Having taken charge of the driving Paul now decided his work was done and disappeared into the ether, beer in hand. I love nothing more than ‘setting up camp’ and this year I had a few surprises for Paul! When the wanderer returned, obviously to replenish his amber nectar, he was greeted with an abundance of fairly lights and bunting, throws and cushions. That will teach him to leave me to my own devices!