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BusFest Success!

A HUGE ‘thank you’ to all who came to see us at last weekend’s BusFest. It was great to see so many familiar faces and also to meet so many new ones.

It was with an open mind that we set off down to Malvern for our very first ‘show’. Having successfully sold Campervans for over 5 years we were used to ‘knowing our stuff’ this was, however, slightly unknown territory. We knew BusFest was big news in the VW Campervan world but we didn’t realise just how BIG. As the ‘dinosaurs’s back’ of the Malvern Hills came into view along with the countless spindles of smoke from the innumerable BBQ’s we felt a sense of real excitement at the weekend ahead.

Having seen some ominous weather reports on Friday morning we were slightly alarmed to find, on arrival, that all the waterproofs were still sitting on the bottom of the stairs, back home! But not ones to let such minor details deter us we parked up our Campers on the stand, lit the BBQ and settled down with our lovely friends at Madmatz to enjoy a beer and a Pimms. However, this was not a weekend to kick back and relax…. a early morning (6am, thanks kids!) followed an early night and within an hour we were a hive of activity; popping roofs, wiping down floors and dressing vans.

By 10am it was clear to see the weather had not dampened spirits and our stand was buzzing. At this point I became acutely aware of how much our boys, aged 9 &7, actually know about Campers. They were the perfect addition to the stand and confidently talked to anyone who would listen about everything Cambridge Campervans has to offer. It was just great to share our passion with such a huge number of like minded people. We also felt enormously proud to be showing our Brand New 66 reg T6 Highline which Matty (our totally fabulous converter) had worked around the clock to have ready. The T6 literally ‘sold itself’ and the positive feedback we received made our hearts swell. With 5 of these incredible Campers in stock we saw that we would be needing to reorder sooner than we could’ve have hoped.

By Saturday night we felt we had earned a break and what a fabulous night we had: celebrating the lovely Odette’s birthday whilst feasting on Chinese takeaway, sipping Prosecco and then dancing the night away to the dulcet tones of the Queen Tribute act and a rather marvellous DJ booth, live from none other than a VW Campervan (what else!). BusFest was the show that just kept on giving.

And what a stunning sunrise it gave us on Sunday morning. The sky was blue and there wasn’t a cloud in sight and we knew it was going to be another great day. By the time we packed up on Sunday evening we were totally sold on the whole ‘show’ experience both from a business and a personal perspective.

Thank you BusFest, we had a blast…. roll on next year!

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