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Cambridge Campervan Hire – Terms and Conditions 2015

We aim to provide you with the best possible Campervan hire experience.

To help you make the most of your holiday we have written these terms and conditions as simply and openly as possible. It is important that you read this agreement carefully.


1.1 ‘This agreement’ means the Rental Agreement and these Terms & Conditions.

‘You’ and ‘the customer’ and ‘the driver’ and ‘the hirer’ means the person or persons nominated as the hirer and any person whose credit card is presented for payment of the customer’s charges.

‘Named Driver(s)’ means the hirer and any other specified individual named in the on the Booking Form and who have signed these Terms prior to any hiring.

‘Hire period’ means the rental period or any agreed variation thereof and any additional period during which the vehicle is in the customer’s possession or control.

‘Vehicle’ means the Vehicle hired by the customer and includes tyres, tools, accessories & all other equipment or documents or additional hire items related to the Vehicle.


2.1 Your contract is with Cambridge Campervans and it exists when we confirm your booking. The booking will be confirmed when we have received the booking form, all other required documentation, and the booking deposit in cleared funds.

2.2 You should check the details of your confirmation letter carefully to ensure that it reflects the booking you have requested and immediately inform us of any discrepancies.

2.3 If you commit any breach of this agreement, we may treat the agreement as terminated and may seize, without legal process or notice to you, the Vehicle at any time and place. You waive all claims for damages connected with such a seizure.

2.4 The Hirer and Named Drivers are required to sign to say they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.


3.1 Prices and conditions quoted on our website are subject to change without notice.

3.2 All prices quoted and payable in UK pounds sterling.

3.3 Once you have made your booking and paid the deposit, the cost of your hire will not normally be subject to any change. This does not apply to invoice errors or omissions.

3.4 Once a booking has been made, offers and discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

3.5 The balance of the price of your hire must be paid in full as cleared funds no later than 2 weeks before the date of hire.

3.6 If the balance is not paid in time, we may cancel your booking and retain your deposit.

3.7 All Named Drivers must produce their full UK driver’s licence ( photocard) AND 2x confirmation of address in the form of a utility bill or a bank/building society statement (less than 2 months old) at the time of hire. For each named driver the address on the driving licence must be the same as on the utility bill.

3.8 If the documents listed at clauses 3.7 are not available we will be unable to proceed with the hire as we are governed by our insurer’s requirements.

3.9 The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the Vehicle and equipment throughout the period of the hire and shall be fully responsible for the cost of repairs or, if necessary, a replacement Campervan if loss or damage occurs as a result of any act or omission which results in a breach of these Terms.


4.1 There is no charge for 1 additional drivers. All drivers must be declared at the start of your hire and named on your rental agreement.

4.2 It is illegal for an undeclared driver to operate or drive a rental Vehicle, as they will not be insured.


5.1 We calculate rental days on a nightly basis.

5.2 Late pick­up or early return of the Vehicle does not entitle you to any refunds.

5.3 We allow a discretionary grace period of 1 hour before the customer is liable for any late return charges. Late return charges are £30 per hour if you are up to 4 hours late. More than 4 hours late, one full days hire rate will apply.

5.4 If the hirer expects to be late returning the Vehicle, Cambridge Campervan Hire must be informed by telephone as soon as is reasonably possible.


6.1 You will acknowledge having received the Vehicle in a clean condition and with a full fuel tank. You will be required to sign the “Condition and Inventory” form when you collect the Vehicle which details the condition of the Vehicle and equipment at the start of the hire. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that damage to the Vehicle and equipment, or missing equipment, is detailed on this form before it is signed.

6.2 You will return the Vehicle in a clean condition with a full tank of fuel, on the return date, time and location set out in the rental agreement.

6.3 The customer acknowledges that we will reasonably determine what, if any, refund may be warranted if the Vehicle is returned or the customer ceases to have the use of the Vehicle prior to the return date.

6.4 The hirer may collect the Vehicle at 2pm on the hire start date. Please allow one hour for the hand­ over, to complete the paperwork and to be shown around the Vehicle.

6.5 The hirer must return the Vehicle by 10am on the final day of the hire. Please allow 15 minutes to return the Vehicle, to have it checked and complete the paperwork.

6.6 Please consider that the next customer may be collecting the Vehicle within hours of your return time.


7.1 Our opening hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We cannot guarantee to be available outside of these hours, but we will try to offer as much flexibility as possible.


8.1 You may only drive a hire Vehicle if:

8.1.1 You are aged between 25 and 70. We cannot hire to anyone after their 70th birthday.

8.1.2 You hold a full UK/EU driving license and have not been disqualified.

8.1.3 You have held a full driving license for more than 3 years.

8.1.4 You have not been convicted of any criminal / driving offences other than up to two speeding offences in the last three years and parking offences.

8.1.5 You have had no more than one motor accident in the last 3 years.

8.1.6 You do not suffer from any mental or physical defects or infirmity or suffer from fits, diabetes or any heart complaint.

8.1.7 You have never had insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/or special insurance terms imposed as a result of claims experience and/or have had your insurance or cover cancelled by any Motor Insurer.

8.1.8 You are not employed in a ‘high risk’ occupation as defined by our insurer. Please inform us of your occupation at the time of making the provisional booking and we will check your occupation before confirming your booking.

8.1.9 You produce your driving license upon collection of the Vehicle.

8.1.10 You are a named driver on the Rental Agreement.

8.1.11 You authorise us to verify through credit agencies, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, your employer or any other sources to your personal, driving and credit information.

8.2 We may refuse to hire you the Vehicle for any reason whatsoever at our sole discretion.


9.1 You will incur the following charges if you cancel your booking;

9.1.1 Cancellation more than four weeks before your arrival date, cancellation charge is the booking deposit.

9.1.2 Cancellation between four and two weeks before your arrival date, cancellation charge is 50% of total cost. 9.1.3 Cancellation less than 14 days before your arrival date, including if the hirer does not collect the Vehicle on the hire start date, cancellation charge is 100% of total cost.

9.2 You may cancel your booking at any time with written notification.

9.3 Where a refund is due to you we will make the refund within 7 days of receiving notice of cancellation.

9.4 Note that if the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of your travel insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges. We strongly recommend that you take out separate travel insurance.


10.1 If, after we have confirmed your booking, you wish to change your travel arrangements in any way we will do our utmost to make these changes, but it may not always be possible.

10.2 The price of your hire may increase or decrease to reflect the changes made.


11.1 It is sometimes inevitable that we will have to change or cancel your hire as the arrangements are made some time in advance. We reserve the right to make such changes should they become necessary but will do everything we can to minimise the chance of such an event.

11.2 Most of these changes will be minor, for instance changes to the specification of our campervan.

11.3 Cambridge Campervan Hire reserves the right to cancel a reservation without refund at the proposed commencement of hire if: 11.3.1 A full clean UK driving licence is not produced or valid in accordance with these Terms.

11.3.2 The Security Deposit is not paid before the Campervan is made available.

11.3.3 The full and final balance has not been paid.

11.3.4 The number of people in the Hirer’s party exceeds the maximum permitted capacity of the Vehicle. 11.3.5 The address on the Hirer’s driving licence does not match the booking or billing address.

11.3.6 Hirers from outside the UK fail to provide a valid passport.

11.3.7 The Hirer or named drivers refuse to sign these terms & conditions.


12.1 While you are hiring the Vehicle you, and the Named Driver(s), will not:

12.1.1 Operate the Vehicle, or permit the Vehicle to be operated in any way that would violate this agreement.

12.1.2 Permit anyone other than Named Driver(s) to drive the Vehicle.

12.1.3 Engage in motor sports, including racing, pace making, rallying, reliability trials, and speed testing.

12.1.4 Propel or tow any Vehicle, trailer or caravan.

12.1.5 Drive or permit to drive any person unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed by road traffic legislation.

12.1.6 Leave the Vehicle unlocked while unattended, or fail to secure the keys.

12.1.7 Drive other than on a paved public highway, private road, or driveway.

12.1.8 Drive in a reckless or imprudent manner.

12.1.9 Carry more passengers than the seating capacity of the Vehicle.

12.1.10 Allow the Vehicle to be overloaded.

12.1.11 Carry passengers or goods for hire or reward.

12.1.12 Smoke or permit anyone to smoke in the Vehicle. A charge of £75 will be made when the No Smoking policy is ignored.

12.1.13 Use the Vehicle in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation.

12.1.14 Remove the Vehicle from mainland England, Scotland or Wales without prior written consent from Family Camper.

12.1.15 Allow any animals in the Vehicle without our prior written consent.

12.1.16 Drive, or allow the Vehicle to be driven by the Named Driver(s), unless each passenger is using one of the seatbelts provided.

12.1.17 Use the Vehicle for the carriage or storage of goods of an explosive, dangerous or hazardous nature.

12.2 You will take all reasonable steps to maintain the Vehicle, ensuring that the oil level, water level & tyre pressures are correctly maintained during your hire. You will contact us immediately should any Vehicle warning lights indicate a potential malfunction.

12.3 There is no mileage limit during the hire period.

12.4 The Vehicle must never be taken through a car wash, or washed using a pressure wash. If the hirer breaches this clause any damage to paintwork and the resulting costs incurred shall be passed on in full to the Hirer and must be paid within 10 working days of demand.


13.1 You should inform Cambridge Campervans Hire by telephone.

13.2 You are authorised to approve repairs up to £50.

13.4 Any repairs in excess of £50 must first be authorised by us, prior to the work being undertaken.

13.5 In all cases receipts must be submitted for any repair or the claim will not be paid.

13.6 We will not be liable for the cost of any repairs, or other costs incurred, resulting from reckless or imprudent use of the Vehicle.

13.7 You will notify us by telephone of the breakdown within 24 hours in order to give us the opportunity to rectify the problem during the rental.

13.8.Cambridge Campervan Hire will refund the appropriate proportion of your hire fee, we will not be liable for any other costs incurred.

13.9 You will be liable for any cost associated with the incorrect use of fuel (fuel being petrol or diesel) or water contamination of fuel.

13.9.1 The customer will pay Cambridge Campervan Hire the daily rate for the period the Vehicle is off fleet for repairs.


14.1 You are liable for the cost of any tyre damage or punctures.

14.2 In the event that a tyre is returned damaged, at the end of your hire, it will be at our discretion whether to repair or replace it.

14.3 If you have a puncture during your hire you may use the breakdown service to replace the tyre.

14.4 You will arrange for the puncture to be repaired, or the tyre replaced, as soon as possible after the incident.


15.1 If you are involved in a motor Vehicle accident the following procedures should be followed: 15.1.1 Obtain the names and addresses of third parties and witnesses.

15.1.2 Report the accident to the police, regardless of estimated cost.

15.1.3 Do not accept blame or insist the other party is at fault

15.1.4 If possible photograph damage to all Vehicles involved and registration numbers.

15.1.5 Phone our office within 2 hours.

15.1.6 At our office hand over any police reports or photographs, pay the damage excess charge

(if applicable). We will ensure that an Accident Report is completed clearly and signed by the customer.

15.2 We will endeavour to ensure any money due back to you is forwarded as quickly as possible, however 3rd party claims can take a long time to resolve.

15.3 You agree to provide all reasonable assistance to Cambridge Campervan Hire in handling any claim including providing information and attending Court to give evidence.

15.4 Note: under no circumstances should you attempt to start or drive a Vehicle that has been involved in an accident, roll over or submersion without our permission.

15.5 Cambridge Campervan Hire cannot accept liability for any cost arising from any accident, theft or vandalism.


16.1 The customer acknowledges that Elizabeth Reeve / Paul Reeve retains the title to the Vehicle at all times, and the vehicle remains the property of Elizabeth Reeve / Paul Reeve at all times. You will not attempt, agree, offer or purport to sell, assign, sub­let, lend, let on hire or otherwise part with or attempt to part with the possession of the Vehicle.


17.1 Cambridge Campervan Hire does not accept liability for personal injuries sustained during rental. We strongly recommend that all customers take out personal travel insurance.


18.1 The customer understands that:

18.1.2 You are not covered for damage to your own personal property – we strongly recommend that you take out personal travel insurance to cover your own possessions.

18.1.3 The Vehicle is covered against accidental damage by fire, theft or attempted theft during the period of hire. 18.1.4 There is a damage excess charge of £500 applicable to each claim.

18.1.5 The following are not covered by insurance: damage to tyres by punctures, cuts or bursts.

18.1.6 Theft involving deception, theft as a result of keys remaining in the Vehicle whilst it is unoccupied is not covered by the insurance.

18.1.7 The cost of accidental damage not caused by fire or theft is subject to a £500 damage excess charge.

18.1.8 Any claim on insurance will not be considered if the Vehicle was being used in contravention to these terms and conditions.

18.2 The damage excess charge of £500 is applicable regardless of who is at fault and must be paid at the time the accident report is completed, not at completion of the rental. The damage excess charge will be refunded only if we are successful in recovering the cost of the damages from the third party.

18.3 The Vehicle is insured for the agreed period of hire only, if you return the Vehicle late you will not be insured and you may be committing a traffic offence under the Road Traffic Act.

18.4 If you are forced to return late you must notify us by telephone before your agreement expires.

18.5 Exclusions from the insurance policy, for which you will be totally liable and from which you indemnify us, include:

18.5.1 Any damage to the interior of the Vehicle (including cigarette burns, spillages, marking), living or cooking equipment will be charged to you.

18.5.2 Any costs resulting from the improper use of the Vehicle.

18.5.3 Any fines or penalties resulting from an offence against the Road Traffic Regulation or Offenders Act, and for any Congestion Charge penalties incurred.

18.5.4 Any damage caused to the Vehicle above cab height.

18.5.5 The cost to retrieve or recover a Vehicle that has become bogged.

18.5.6 The cost or replacing keys, which have become lost or stolen, or which have been locked in the Vehicle.

18.5.7 The cost of repairing any damage caused by wilful misconduct (eg sitting on the roof).

18.6 You are strongly advised to take out additional travel insurance, as you may be able to claim against it for such exclusions should the need arise.


19.1 You authorise Cambridge Campervan Hire to deduct from the security deposit any amounts due to them arising out of the agreement. The security deposit is £500.

19.2 The security deposit may be paid by cash or by bank transfer.

19.3 The security deposit will be refunded within seven days of return provided;

19.3.1 There is no damage to the Vehicle, including the windscreen or tyres.

19.3.2 No damage has been caused by the Vehicle, Hirer or Named Driver(s) to any third party.

19.3.3 There is no malfunction or breakdown of the Vehicle, and no repairs are required to the Vehicle, caused by any negligent act or omission of the Hirer or any other member of the Hirer’s party.

19.3.4 The Vehicle is returned to the location agreed with Cambridge Campervan Hire, on the agreed date and by the agreed time.

19.3.5 The provided equipment and contents of the Vehicle are returned in the same condition as when it was collected, with the interior, all cooking utensils and all camping equipment cleaned.

19.3.6 The Vehicle is returned with a full tank of fuel.

19.3.7 No additional costs have been incurred by Cambridge Campervan Hire during the period of rental (for example, as a result of a violation of traffic laws or regulations).

19.3.8 The Hirer and Named Driver(s) have not incurred any fines or penalties in connection with clause 21.1 below or any other charges unforeseen by Cambridge Campervan Hire

19.4 We reserve the right to retain fees from the security deposits:

19.5.1 Soiling fee £100 if the Vehicle is not returned with the interior in a clean condition.

19.5.2 Fuel surcharge if the tank is not returned full (empty £130, 25% £100, 50% £70, 75% £40 when diesel £1.35/ltr). Plus a handling fee of £20.

19.5 In the event that the security deposit is insufficient to meet all costs associated with non­compliance of clauses 19.3.1 to 19.3.8 the Hirer must pay all additional costs over and above the amount of the Security Deposit to Cambridge Campervan Hire within 10 working days of demand.


20.1 The customer releases Cambridge Campervan Hire its employees and agents, from any liability to the customer (regardless of who is at fault), for any loss or damage incurred by the customer by reason or rental, possession or use of the Vehicle.

20.2 The customer indemnifies Cambridge Campervan Hire, its employees and agents, against any claims, demands and expenses (including legal costs) incurred or sustained by them by reason of the customers use and/or possession of the Vehicle.


21.1 You are entirely responsible for any speeding, parking, congestion charge or other road fines and penalties incurred during your hire.

21.2 The administration fee per incident will be £50.

such charges.


22.1 You agree that Cambridge Campervan Hire may use your personal information for administrative purposes and disclose this information to its service providers and agents including (but not limited to) its insurers, credit reference agencies and the driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority; for any purpose authorised under the Data Protection Act 1998.


23.1 You acknowledge that we may terminate this agreement and repossess the Vehicle at any time without notification to the customer. The customer will pay reasonable costs of repossessing the Vehicle. We may repossess the Vehicle if: 24.1.1 You are in contravention of this agreement in any manner, or

23.1.2 We believe that you have hired the Vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation, or

23.1.3 The Vehicle appears to be abandoned, or

23.1.4 The Vehicle is not returned on the agreed day or we believe that the Vehicle may not be returned on the agreed date, or

23.1.5 On reasonable grounds, we believe that the safety of the passengers or condition of the Vehicle is endangered. 24.2 You understand that, in the event of such termination or repossession you have no right to a refund of any part of the rental charges or the security deposit.


24.1 Cambridge Campervan Hire are contactable throughout the rental period. All faults, damage or complaints must be reported by telephone, as soon as is reasonably possible, on 07710 087676, or at the latest on return of the Vehicle.

24.2 In the event that a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved when the Vehicle is returned, the Hirer must inform Cambridge Campervan Hire in writing within 14 working days.

26 LAW

26.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of England.

26.2 The customer warrants that all information supplied by them to Cambridge Campervan Hire in connection with this agreement is true.

26.3 This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other undertakings or agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter of this agreement.

26.4 We reserve the right to vary the rates and conditions of hire at any time.


I agree to be bound by these terms which I have seen and read.

I further agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Insurance which I have seen or read.