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Choosing the Right Driveaway Awning

There are so many awnings options available on the market that you can easily get distracted from what will work for you, below is a guide to help you choose the right awning for you

Consider the main purpose of the awning:

Do you want to use the awning for sleeping? If so do you also intend to have a useable indoor space as well as bedroom space?

Some awnings have space for both inner bedroom tents as well as a more spacious ‘living’ space whereas other awnings are more compact in size meaning that you sacrifice much of the living space with a bedroom in place.

If you do intend to use the awning as additional bedroom space then a specific bedroom inner tent is a must as you’ll need the additional fabric layer to prevent condensation etc and the bedroom inner tents also act as a blackout.

If you’re looking for a tent just for use as a sleeping area or just a living space then there are some great compact models available such as the Vango Kela, Vango Tolga, Faros or Cove or the Outdoor revolution Cayman Cona, Outdoor Revolution Cayman Cuba or the Kampa Action.

Alternatively if you want to have plenty of living space while also having bedrooms then consider the larger awnings such as the Vango Galli, or the outdoor revolution Cayman Cacos, Outdoor revolution Movelite T4E, Or the Kampa Cross air which when purchased with the Annexe has its own blackout bedroom section which conveniently attaches to the awning.

Airbeam Vs Poles:

The next thing to consider is whether you want airbeam tubes or the more traditional fibreglass poles… both have advantages depending on your preferences.

While both have their merits the airbeam tubes have more flexibility than the traditional fibreglass poles and so while a common misconception is that the air tubes aren’t stable, in reality they offer great stability due to the fact that they can flex more in rougher weather whereas the rigidity that the fibreglass poles offer can be a disadvantage in strong winds.

The other advantage with airbeam tubes is that they are quick to erect, whether it’s a single inflation point or muliti inflation point air beam awnings are super quick to erect and come with their own pump, however the downside comes when packing away your awning, the airbeam tubes may take longer to deflate compared to just taking out the fibreglass poles.

The other consideration is the pack sizes, generally the airbeam versions are actually heavier and larger in size than the fibreglass counterparts so when space is at a premium or overall weight has to be considered then perhaps the fibreglass poled version is more beneficial.

There isn’t a quick or easy answer to which is better Airbeam Awnings or Poled versions – simply put there are advantages to both and it depends on what your main consideration is, that’s why we offer a selection of the best of both the airbeam and poled awnings – to see our full range head to our Awnings Page where you can see our listings by Brand