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‘Going to the Chapel…’


With the dark, gloomy mornings (and evenings) well and truly upon us I was in desperate need of a little ‘pick me up’. This came in the form of a wonderful email from Sally & Pete, who told me of their forthcoming nuptials and asked if they could use our hire van ‘Vivian’ as their transport.

I was delighted to be asked to help create their ‘happily ever after’ and was soon in touch with Sally finding out her plans and all about her & Pete’s very own love story: ‘When Pete met Sally’!

Sally and Pete have actually known each other for around 30 years. Pete was Sally’s elder brother’s friend, however Sally was just 15 and with Pete a whole 5 years her senior, at that time she just didn’t register on his radar.

Fast forward a whole lot of years (and 2 white weddings!) both Sally and Pete both found themselves single and happened to ‘bump’ into each other again. Fate well and truly intervened and this chance meeting was to shape their futures and the rest, as they say, is history.

This time they decided that what they both wanted was a simple, quiet wedding but were undecided on a venue. One day, out of the blue, Sally suggested they could go to Gretna Green to tie the knot and having sowed the seed in Pete’s mind the two of them came to the decision that it really was a wonderful idea. They knew the Scottish backdrop would be simply stunning, and the remoteness gave them both what they had yearned for; the simplicity and romance of a very private affair. They decided to make the trip to Gretna itself to see if the reality would meet up to their expectations. It did, and they decided this would be simply perfect.

Accompanying Sally and Pete would be Sally’s 12 year old daughter and their four legged, furry friend, Scruff. Obviously these were VIP guests and needed to have their needs catered for too. Although a hotel had been booked for their arrival in Gretna Sally & Pete loved the idea of turning the journey into a proper ‘road trip’. Our Campervan provided the perfect wedding transport, with plenty of room for them all to travel in ultimate comfort. They would also have the luxury of being able to stop, wherever the mood took them, for a welcome cup of tea, boiled on the stove, or a glass of wine, chilled to perfection in the fridge. In fact, Sally told me that, leading up to the wedding, the Campervan was the thing her daughter was most looking forward to!

The wedding was everything they hoped it would be and more. It was such a treat hearing all about it on their return. Having the campervan meant they had been able to make a trip out onto the Yorkshire Moors and find Pete’s Uncle’s old derelict house. However, one of their favourite memories was sitting in the van, in a pitch black carpark, eating fish and chips whilst Scruff sat, nosed pressed to the window, intently watching all the sheep go by!

Thank you for sharing your special day with us, and may we wish you every happiness in your future together as ‘Mr & Mrs’.