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Have Paddle Board, Will Travel!

‘Why don’t you book a last minute week in the sun?’

No sooner had these words left my husbands lips than I was on the busily tapping away looking for something that fitted the bill, well my mother had always told me ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth!’

By teatime a holiday to Turkey was booked, the passports and travel plugs were located and the suitcases were being dusted off.

A ripple of excitement permeated the household, not only due to our imminent departure but also as we were taking with us our coveted ‘Gladiator’ Paddlebaords. To me it seemed inconceivable that something so large could be easily transported, however as we loaded our cases into the boot I was blown away by how easily the Gladiator Board, nestled within its travel bag, fitted in. It was just like taking an additional case and was well within our 22kg weight limit too.

929D2AFB-BC2B-48E8-96EB-E11D7D5836C02.jpeg Check in was a ‘breeze’ the Paddleboard checked in just like a regular case. No extra cost, no different drop off place. Before I knew it I was tucking into a Club Sandwich whilst quaffing a chilled Prosecco!

As the plane doors opened we inhaled that unmistakable heady scent of ‘holidays’ and our skin pricked as it met with the heat of the Turkish sun. We ambled into the terminal and joined the expectant throng of travellers awaiting their luggage. It wasn’t long before we spotted the distinctive ‘Gladiator; bag rolling round on the luggage belt. It was swiftly snapped up by son No. 2 (but not before we had taken the obligatory ‘shot’)


We fell into bed (very comfy beds I hastened to add) as tired but happy travellers, looking forward to a week of fun in the sun!

I was awoken (rather rudely) the next morning by the sound of the pump inflating the paddle board, I guess this is an occupational hazard when you are married to the company director! I must confess I was starting to feel like I was recounting the adventures of new family member, wherever I went it seemed my Gladiator Board followed!

8A4DDA2A-E482-4D04-A3FB-B38A91458F8A.jpeg We were fortunate to have chosen a hotel with its own private beach, which was blissfully empty so we carried our boards the short walk down to the golden sands, attracting several admiring glances as we went (at the boards, not at Paul!).

The water was crystal clear and deliciously warm. Whilst I thought you couldn’t beat a summer evening paddle along the river I have to admit this brought a whole new dimension to our paddling repertoire. It really was sublime paddling out past the pontoons and along the beautiful coast line. In the 40 degree heat it was a welcome respite and regular stops to swim and dip our toes in were pure heaven. We were masters of our own destiny, paddling where we chose, at our own pace and with just our own company. There was enough space on the front of the boards to store drinks and a dry bag containing keys and money etc.


If you are reading this with a holiday ahead of you, don’t forget to pack your board, its a decision you certainly won’t regret!