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I love it when a plan comes together!’

2017 a crack commando unit (a.k.a ‘The Johnson Family’) was sent to
Cambridge Campervans for a cracking conversion. These ‘soldiers of
fortune’ wanted to combine their love of the A-Team with our
conversions and we were only too happy to help out….

sourced a fitting VW T6 Highline 102PS, in Pearl Black, we set
ourselves the task of recreating this iconic van. Customer
involvement was paramount and as the emails and phone calls bounced
between us excitement and tension was building to frenzied
proportions. Whilst Mr Johnson was no ‘Mr T’ we knew there was no
room for error in this job. Too much and this stopped being a class
act, not enough and we’d have a damp squib on our hands.

Highline vans, with their multitude of extras, sell themselves and
combined with matt black side bars this van was already shaping up to
be a show stopper.

interior was all important as this wasn’t something we could emulate
from the original A-Team van. We kept it sleek, with metallic black
wood combined with dark grey work top and, conscious of the heavy use
of dark paint and fabric, we lifted the conversion with a stunning
chequerboard floor.


Johnson’s were very clear on their brief for the upholstery and we
knew we had to get this right. With this in mind there was only one
man for the job… ‘Andy’ at Cube Upholstery. His professionalism and
attention to detail meant that the seating throughout was both
stylish and sophisticated. As the van sat, prepped and polished in
our showroom, in started to attract interest from both customers and
suppliers alike. We had something a little bit special on our hands
here and we were liking the attention.


are to a Camper what good set of brows are to a perfectly made up face. With these
wheels there was no room for error and Lewis at Wheelworx stepped up
to the plate providing us with a top of the range set of 20′” alloys. However, we didn’t stop there… Essex Wheels then got their expert hands on the wheels and finished them in a fabulous ‘hot’ red and silver…. this Campervan was ‘on fire’!


Back in the showroom the van was literally oozing desirability but we were acutely aware that the key to success was now in the finishing touches. We didn’t need to worry though as Karl at Madmatz meticulously colour matched the stickers with the wheels and provided detailed images for the Johnson’s, showing how the van would look. On a exceptionally cold December morning Karl arrived to add the final piece of the jigsaw to one of our most exciting projects to date. As he stood back to admire his work smiles spread across all of our faces… we’d nailed it!


…..I love it when a plan comes together!