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If you keep on digging you’ll reach New Zealand….

Many times as a child, merrily digging away on the beach, I recall my father telling me ‘If you keep on digging you’ll reach New Zealand!’. At the tender age of five, New Zealand was a magical, far flung place which was both exciting and yet to me, intangible. I also truly believed one day my humble bucket and spade might just get me there. Of course it didn’t and, inevitably, I grew up and learnt, as we all do, that most places are discoverable by taking a flight. The magic dissipated but the memory remained so when Jon turned up at Cambridge Campervans one damp Saturday morning and told us he wanted to buy a Campervan and take it to New Zealand once again I felt those same stirrings of excitement I had felt all those years ago.

Let’s face it, its not everyday someone wants to take one of your Campers to the other side of the world and I couldn’t let this opportunity to track the adventure slip by…

…So, here begins the story of one VW T6’s journey from ‘good old Blighty’ to the slightly sunnier climes of New Zealand, a journey nearly as hard to imagine as digging a tunnel there with a bucket and spade!

Meet Jon and his Camper…

jon - 1.jpg

… a stunning VW T6 Highline Transporter, in silver. Fitted with a VW bike rack, a Fiamma F45 awning, in silver and with a fabulous professional conversion complete with hob, sink, fridge and crash-tested bed. Most of our Campers can look forward to days out on the Norfolk coast and weeks on the Cornish Riviera, some try dipping their tyres in foreign waters and exploring the what Europe has to offer, none, to my knowledge, have become quite such an intrepid explorer as Jon’s Camper, our very own Captain James Cook, here on in known as JC!).

As JC accelerated away from Cambridge Campervans I set about tracking her journey.

Tuesday 20th September

jon - 1 (1).jpg

‘Locked and Loaded’

Here is JC in her home for the next six weeks, a container on a ship bound for New Zealand. Today she will leave Southampton, cross the English Channel and sail towards to Bay of Biscay before heading out to the North Atlantic Ocean. She has 14374 nautical miles ahead of her and no doubt some choppy seas. Good Luck JC, I hope you’ve got your sea legs!!