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Meet our new additions!

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed some exciting new additions to our website. We have, once again, been working hard to make your campervan dreams a reality by adding some fabulous new products to our range.

Those of you who have followed our journey from its humble beginnings will know that so much of our growth and expansion has been driven by our incredible customers. We know that buying a campervan isn’t just about purchasing a vehicle; its a lifestyle, a memory maker, the realisation of a dream. We also love nothing more than sharing in your adventures and hearing about your incredible journeys as you uncover hidden destinations and embark on crazily exciting road trips, memorable family holidays and dreamy romantic breaks. It’s from these conversations that we have learnt that we can enhance your experience and be a ‘one stop shop’ for your #campervanlife needs!

If Lockdown taught us anything it was that the paring down of our lives and living in the moment was for many of us a healthy revelation. For many of us food became incredibly central (as did a good elasticated waistband!) and where better to enjoy some laidback outdoor cooking than when away in your Campervan. Our range of Cadac gas BBQ stoves mean that Dad’s cremated sausages are now a thing of the past. The beauty of Cadac is that it is gas powered and you can fire it up anywhere. Bacon and eggs will successfully cook side by side while the kettle is merrily whistling. No longer do you have to try to book an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant enjoy top quality cuisine. Pizza stones, paella dishes and griddles mean the culinary world is literally your oyster and you choose the view! Our only request…. you share your recipes and mouthwatering pictures please.

Exploring the great outdoors has never been more easily accessible than with the revolutionary MiRiDER electric foldaway bikes. We have been amazed by how light and compact these bikes are and they fit beautifully into the campervans, without impacting on either your space or your weight limits. There is a real media ‘buzz’ surrounding these bikes right now and we can totally see why. You’ll be whizzing around and exploring so much more than you ever dreamed possible, darting down hidden tracks and winding pathways and as for climbing those steep hills… it has never been easier! Wake up early and want to grab a fresh pastry and a paper – you’ll be back in no time. The bikes are all British built and the quality is unsurpassed. We also love that each hand built bike comes complete with a sticker telling you who’s built it…. thanks Josh I love mine!

Your campervan means you can explore the world around you in its purest form; if the wheels can take you there, you can go. The natural extension of this is push out your boundaries and explore the waterways and what better way than on a stand up paddle board (SUP). SUP’s are now a ‘must have’ for any self respecting, outdoor loving campervan connoisseur. We’ve covered all the bases and have got onboard (excuse the pun!) with some of the biggest names in the industry. We are stocking Jobe, Red, Gladiator and Fanatic boards and all the accessories you’re going to need. It’s never been easier to take to the water, the boards are speedily inflated and easy to launch. As a family we have reaped the benefits of being able to take to the water and absorb some of its space and tranquility, mindfulness at its finest.

This is just a taster, an appetite wetter, of what we have to offer. We have all been fully trained on all of our new products and we just can’t wait to share them with you. Check out the full range on our website but also come in and see us, have a coffee and see what will be your dream maker this summer.