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Our ‘Helicopter Hero’!

From our vantage point, opposite the RAF Airbase, I often hear the familiar whirr of the rotating blades and watch as the orange form of the Magpas Helicopter rises up, like a giant flying dragon, above the tree tops. My mind can’t help but wander; picturing the crew, fully briefed, adrenaline pumping heading out to, quite simply, save a life. The uncertainty of not knowing quite what you will be faced with; the spilt second decisions, which I assume come as second nature after years of training; the incredible highs of making the difference between life and death and also the tragic moments when a life just can’t be saved. The men and women sitting in the belly of these flying orange beasts are everyday superheroes yet also enigmas, for few of us ever get to meet them.

Imagine my excitement when an email landed in my inbox, on a sunny September morning, from a real life Magpas Air Ambulance Doctor, Rupert Hurry, who was in the market for a Campervan. Well, of course I couldn’t have been happier to help and he instantly became know as our ‘helicopter hero’! After several phone calls and emails the day arrived when Rupert was set to visit the showroom. Now Cambridge Campervans has seen its fair share of celebrities in its time, but somehow Rupert had sparked something in us all. We were fascinated by his job and what he and his team did, but our knowledge was limited and we wanted to know more.

Luckily, in Rupert, we couldn’t have asked to meet a nicer guy. Although, at times, I think he was slightly bemused by our excitement and enthusiasm about his job; he exchanged tales of life as a Magpas Air Ambulance Doctor, for knowledge and expertise of Campervans, with endless good humour.

Magpas is one of the UK’s oldest medical charities and was founded in 1971, by 2 Cambridgeshire GP’s, initially to help victims of road accidents. I think I always assumed, as I watched the helicopter racing off, that they were on a ‘life saving’ mission. What I realise now is that the incredible skills and training which these doctors have, means they can bring medical care directly to the scene of the emergency. Obviously this means that they do save lives, but also that they can help seriously injured people return to a good quality of life, hence their mission: ‘to save lives and reduce disability’.

I think my excitement for all things ‘Magpas’ was equally matched by Rupert’s excitement for his new T5 Campervan. He was itching to drive off and start his adventure and I was beginning to understand how important ‘time out’, an opportunity to simply kick back and relax, was for someone with a job which was physically, mentally and emotionally so challenging.

I’m sure this van will be privy to a few tales of great heroism. However, more importantly, I hope it provides the base for some much needed relaxation, a spot of exploration and some all important memory making.

Bon voyage Rupert and thank you for an insight into your world.

To find out more about Magpas, visit their website…