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Quest Screen House 4 Sided Gazebo – Includes 1 Pair of Side Blinds


Introducing the Screen house 4 in BLUE

This excellent instant spring up Screen House 4 is a quick erect screen house, gazebo.

It is a multi-use gazebo, screen house or event shelter, perfect
for entertaining in the garden, away at events, a covered social
area when camping, in fact the uses are almost limitless.
The Screen House features the hub system which gives amazing strength, durability and last for years.

The mesh sides are a premium quality mesh which is more durable and less likely to snag than the others. It is made up from premium materials and has a heavy duty durable coating giving it extra strength. This is a very fine mesh which means it keeps the insects out, gives great un- interrupted views all around and helps keep you warmer by keeping the wind chill out. It allows the air to pass though, which gives you complete air flow to help ensure no condensation and enough air flow to allow cooking inside (you must keep all heat sources away from the sides and roof), but the fine nature of the mesh means that the wind is broken down when the air passes though the mesh which stops the ‘wind chill’ factor helping to keep you warmer.

The exclusive quick erect system on the Screen House means that it is amazingly easy to erect. It is designed to be so easy that it can be erected by one person in under 1 minute, making it just about the easiest and quickest available. It is not only easy to erect, but just as easy to take down. Taking the Screen House down is actually easier than erecting it.

To erect the Screen House all you do is :

Step 1: Get into Position
You simply take the screen house out of the bag and place it on the ground, holding the frame place the black circular end on the ground. This is actually a very important step as this helps ensure you erect the screen house correctly. Once done you simply let the sides fall to the fall at which point you will see the green roof material facing upwards. Then finally place the frame on the ground as well.

Step 2: Erect the screen house
Next you walk around the screen house and open the sides up (there are 5 in this model). You do this simply by holding the storm strap with one hand, whilst the other holds the top of the side. Pull the storm strap

towards you and this will cause the side to ‘spring open’. Repeat this on each of the sides. This only takes seconds for each side. Once all sides have been done, simply walk into the centre of the screen house and push the centre of the roof up. The roof will then ‘spring’ into place. Then place the two front poles in the pockets provided at the top and bottom of each corner of the door. The screen house is now erected, but we recommend that you peg the screen house down in case of windy conditions.

Step 3: Peg (Recommended)
There is a pegging point at every corner of the screen house and in the middle of each side. On top of these points each side has a storm strap located in the middle of the sidewall, peg this down by pulling the storm strap away from the screen house, but keep the strap loose. Once pegged tighten the storm strap, but do not over tighten as it could pull the screen house out of shape.

Step 4: Sidewalls
1 Pair of sides is included, these give you more privacy and protection against the weather. Every side and the door can have a sidewall blind fitted if you so wish.



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