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Quest Screen House Campervan Connector


Built to fit both the Screen House 4 and Screen House 6 Pro the vehicle connector is designed to connect your screen house to a vehicle. It connects to vehicles between 180 and 210cm and simply zips onto the existing accessory zip and instantly gives you tunnel connector with two doors on.
The connector features double beading (4 and 6mm) on to allow fitment into an awning channel, or use with a drive away kit, The vehicle connector can also be used on its own on your vehicle to give you a sheltered cover over your door and can even have the canopy zipped to the front of it to give you a canopy and cover over your door.

The fact that the tunnel zips on and zips off means that you do not need a drive away kit when used with a roll lout canopy. This makes it easier to fit as you simply slide the tunnel itself into your awning channel/roll out canopy and do not have the extra work of sliding a drive away kit on and then your tunnel onto the drive away kit.
Also by removing the need for a drive away kit it means that you get a better fit and performance. This is done because when you attach a drive away kit to your vehicle and then the awning to the drive away kit it adds an extra 10-15cm onto the fitting which pushes your awning away from the vehicle. By attaching the tunnel directly to the channel you get a closer and better fit. You also get weather performance due to the fact that a drive away kit is made up of multiple pieces of figure of eight which can let water in, whereas by fitting directly to the channel/roll out canopy you remove the need for these, thereby giving you a better performing connection in the wet.


Zips straight onto Screen House Pro
Zip Covers
Two Doors
Roof Arch Pole
Tension Elastics
Tension Straps
No need for Drive Away Kit
Double beading
Can be used on its own as a canopy

Materials and Dimensions

Fits : Screen House 4 and 6 Pro
Vehicle Connection Height : 180 – 210 cm.
Size : 90 x 260 x 180-210 cm.


Suitable ONLY for Quest Screenhouse PRO 4 and PRO 6 Models


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Product Details

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