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Smartbed Evolution & RIB beds now fitted as standard

We are proud to announce that Cambridge Campervans are now fitting ‘pull-tested’ Smartbed Evolutions and ‘crash-tested’ RIB beds as standard in all our vans. Read on to find out what our suppliers have to say about their fabulous products.

Smartbeds are delighted with their amazing new Smartbed Evolution:

We launched the Smart Bed two years ago. With its innovative and
user-friendly operation, it was designed to be easy to go from seat to
bed and visa versa. It was the first rock and roll bed system to offer
this feature, and continues to be very popular with our many customers.

The new Smart Bed Evolution not only has the same ease
of use operation as the original but also now has a reclining system to
increase passenger comfort. This new innovation was a result of our
customer driven development programme, which insures that we stay at the
forefront of rock and roll bed design.

Not only does the Smart Bed Evolution have the new
reclining system but sailed through the pull test for 76/115/EEC M1
approval carried out by Status, at Manchester University.

and Kiravans, who supply our RIB beds, cannot rate them highly enough they say:

“Having tried many of the other crash tested seats out there we keep
coming back to the RIB for sheer quality, design, versatility and
comfort. The combination of ‘factory look’ contoured seats with a
perfectly flat sleeping surface is hard to beat. RIB have combined the
highest European Safety Standards with the versatility of their unique
’tilt and lock’ rear section to create a product that fulfils most
campervan conversion requirements”