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Three Lions on the Van!

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Jemima the hire van has been on some pretty exciting trips to date; from Glastonbury to a cycling trip in the Pyrenees. However, as she left the tranquil confines of sleepy St Ives bound for France she was definitely heading for a once in a lifetime experience.

Jemima and her trusty companions (four Firefighters from Cambridgeshire) set off for the 2016 European Championships with a definite spring in their suspension! During her stay in France she has been travelling extensively and seeing numerous sites as she travels to games and also the infamous ‘fanzones’.

Whilst much negativity has been documented in the press Jemima hasn’t experience any of this and apparently is rubbing along quite nicely with her European counterparts.

I had heard she was hoping to meet Rooney – now that would be a major coup for Cambridge Campervans!

Hopefully though she will be a lucky charm and help England bring home the Cup!