Clock Open Today From 9:00am

Welcome to Our New Home!

Cambridge Campervans is now the proud owner of its very own Showroom and we’d like nothing more than for you to ‘pop in’ and take a look.

Our Showroom is something we could only have dreamt of back in the beginning when we started our journey with the vans. Cast your minds back about 7 years and many of you will remember our humble beginnings and the business which we started in our kitchen at home. Back then our customers would sit around the kitchen table discussing the veritable merits of different wood choices and floorings whilst my two sons hurtled around on a variety of ‘ride on’ toys and my long suffering wife would attempt to cook the Sunday lunch!

Whilst this was not the most professional of set ups we liked to think that our passion for what we did shone through. It truly was a labour of love and something of which the whole family (sometimes unwittingly) was an integral part.

However, we weren’t under any illusions and we soon realised that a quiet suburban housing estate was not the right environment for our burgeoning business. We made the decision to move and then spent what seemed like an eternity visiting various sites, buildings, farms & pieces of land hoping to find something which would ignite the spark and make our eyes light up.

During our hunt we had the fortune to meet another local businessman who had learnt of Cambridge Campervans and was interested in letting us set up on his site as a temporary measure. This was just the stepping stone we needed and in 2015 we moved away from the trusty kitchen to our porta cabin and shared forecourt. Instantly we knew the decision had been a good one, the kids regained their playroom, my wife her kitchen! It was great being able to showcase our vans and meet our customers in a professional environment. We also knew that this wasn’t to be our ‘forever home’ and so the hunt continued.

The business has always been very much a family affair and most of our customers don’t just meet me; my wife, children and the dog are more often than not on hand to offer advice or the wag of a tail. We think it makes us unique and we also think it shows how much of ourselves go into each and every van. I think this is why, in late 2015, my wife decided after a 16 year career as Cabin Crew to plant her feet back on terra firma and join the business full-time.

They say two heads are better than one and with Lizzie by my side, within a year, our search for Cambridge Campervans’ ‘forever home’ finally led us to Showroom 1, Sawtry Way.

Our glass-fronted showroom with its shiny floor and space to house several Campervans is all we dreamt of and more. Lizzie has her own office, I have my own desk. There is plenty of outside space to showcase yet more vans and on those cold wet days we can, at last, invite you inside for tea and coffee and the obligatory biscuit.

Don’t just take our word for it though, come in and see us, we’d love to see you